The SWITCH BOX MADI is a 3 in 1 out Data switch designed for use in MADI Audio systems. The unit takes in signals from up to 3 sources and allows the user to select a source for output; this might be a Main and Backup system as well as a third auxiliary line, perhaps for multitrack playback.

Simplicity and reliability are the core ideas behind the design of the SWITCH BOX MADI. When you are trusting a single switch to handle both your main and redundant audio streams, it needs to be bullet proof. The SWITCH BOX MADI uses top quality tour ready components, is fully electronically isolated from the signal line, and will still pass signal on line A in a power loss scenario. Hundreds of productions all over the world in venues from Arenas and Stadiums, to Theatres and Churches already trust That Little Box with their playback control, now you can have that same trust in your redundant audio switch system. 

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