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The GpiO BOX OSC is a 6 input, fully user programmable OSC remote control system designed for use with remote buttons and triggers.  The GpiO BOX OSC has 3 XLR connectors used for remote input. These inputs can be buttons, switches or any contact closure, such as the GPIO output from a mixing desk or redundant switch system. Each XLR can be used to connect up to 2 controls. The Unit can poe powered using an USB B connector delivering 5 volts on via POE. 

  • Power on POE or USB

  • Up to 6 Remote inputs via 3 XLR sockets

  • Works with Qlab, EOS, Ableton, and anything else you can control with OSC

  • Local Test Button

  • Available with various button boxes including buttons, buzzers, and footswitches

The GpiO BOX OSC allows your Drummer, MD, Actor on stage, Game Show Contestant, or even Audience member, to fire playbacks remotely. With the ease of network connectivity there is no need to run a dedicated cable, just jump on to the network


GpiO BOX OSC manual 

Qlab Setup Guide

GpiO BOX OSC Firmware 1.3.1

More Info

​Each of the 3 XLR sockets on the rear of the GpiO BOX OSC can connect to up to 2 remote buttons giving a total of up to 6 control inputs. 
When shipped the GpiO BOX OSC has a default IP of and a subnet of You can set 2 separate target IP addresses and ports to allow for 2 specific output destinations on the network. Of course either of these addresses can be a broadcast address allowing for wider targeting. To edit the settings of your unit, connect it to a computer and type its IP in to a web browser. Once you have reached the settings page you can edit the target network settings, the local network settings and each OSC message. An OSC message is fired when each control input is turned on and a separate message when the control is turned off. You can also define the on and off messages fired by the test button. 

Dimensions: 160mm x 110mm x 40 mm

Firmware Update 

to update your firmware use the link above in the resources section to download the updater. Run thus updater utility with Terminal in MacOS with your GpiO BOX OSC in setup mode. enter your IP address and hit update.

For more information, download the instruction document, or drop us a line using the contact page.


Button Box

The GpiO BOX can connect to up to 6 Buttons or Controls in a verity of combinations. These might be Buttons, Buzzers, Foot switches, or even GPIO outputs from other equipment or sensors. Details on wiring up your own button box are shown in the User Manual available on this page. Alternatively you can choose one of our stock button available in the Cables and Accessories section of the website

If you need something different, something specific, we are more than happy to make a Button Box to your specifications. Get in touch via the Contact page and let us know what you need. 

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