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Limited Stock Available

The USB GO BOX is a Dual USB MIDI Controller. With plug and play compatibility on both Mac and PC, a rugged metal case, 2 independent USB connections, and a price tag of only £120, it's the smart way to control your show.

  • Dual USB Output

  • Works with Qlab, Pro Tools, Abelton, and anything else that accepts MIDI

  • Fully user programable in "Learn" Mode 

  • Plug and Play on Mac and PC. No drivers needed.

The USB GO BOX is a 6 button Midi remote with 2 independent outputs.  The USB GO BOX outputs MIDI data from 2 independent USB sockets allowing 2 machines to be controlled simultaneously. No Drivers are required on either Mac or Windows systems, just plug your box in and USB GO BOX will appear as a MIDI device ready to be patched in whatever software you are using.


USB GO BOX manual 

Qlab setup guide 

More Info 


The number one concern when using any kind of show controller is reliability. Companies and clients spend thousands on fully redundant backup systems to ensure that the show will always go on, and it all comes down to one button. With the USB GO BOX you know 100% that when you press GO, its gonna GO. A simple rugged metal box with 6 buttons, trusted by shows in venues from Arenas, Stadiums and Broadway pits, to studio theatres and conference rooms all over the world.   

The USB GO BOX is an incredibly flexible and versatile tool. MSC, Program Change (PC), and MIDI Note modes come Pre-loaded as standard, making it easy to integrate with an existing system, or quickly take control of a new show. 

All new USB GO BOXes now come with Learn Mode. In this mode you can make your GO BOX output whatever commands you like. all you need to do is select the USB GO BOX as a MIDI output and send a midi command to it. Once received The USB GO BOX will Parrot that command back whenever the appropriate button is pressed, until you tell it to do otherwise.  As well as the standard command set, we also offer alternative Presets designed for use with Pro Tools , Ableton and Digital Performer. These can be set as your default commands in "Learn Mode" to ease set up, you can still use your USB GO BOX with all of your other software in MSC mode and PC1 mode. If you would like alternate modes please send us an email before checking out using the contact page .

Need something slightly different? Need to send specific MIDI commands, or send a second command when a button is released? We are more than happy to customise the software on the USB GO BOX to suit your needs, whatever they may be. Just get in touch before making your purchase and let us know what you want your Little Box to do

For more information, download the instruction document, or drop us a line using the contact page.

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