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LevelBox is a simple AU plugin designed to give you volume control of a signal using OSC (Open Sound Control). Insert Level Box as an Audio Effect in your preferred DAW and You have volume control over your network. Level Box can quickly and simply add remote control capabilities to any project in any software that uses AU  plugins.

When you open Level Box  it connects to an available OSC port starting from 10001 and begins listening for messages with the address "/levelBox " coming from any network your computer is connected to. The messages Level Box receives should contain a number between -70 and 0.0. When a valid message is received LevelBox will set its volume knob to the level corresponding with this number.  The Mute button allows the user to override incoming OSC messages and mute the signal while level meters display the incoming and outgoing signal levels.

Now in LevelBox 1.3 you can link one instance of level box to another with the "Link to next Port" Button. any  valid OSC message coming into LevelBox will be forwarded on to the next OSC Port. This allows you to control large banks of channels together by hitting the link button and targeting the lowest port number. 

Level Down
Turn down LevelBox by 1
/levelBox down
Level up
Turn up LevelBox by 1
/levelBox up
Unmute All
Unmute all Linked instances of LevelBox
/levelBox unmuteAll
Mute All
Mute all Linked instances of LevelBox
/levelBox muteAll
Unmute a single instance of LevelBox
/levelBox unmute
Mute a single instance of LevelBox
/levelBox mute
Set Level
Set the level to any number between 0 and -70
/levelBox -40 (-40 can be any number between 0 and -70)

If you use LevelBox and want to say thanks to Rob for developing it then feel free to send a contribution

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