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Pulse OSC is a very simple tool designed to monitor of the status of an OSC link and display this status to a user. every 2 seconds Pulse OSC sends out an OSC message and listens for a reply, If a reply is received then the OSC link is alive, if not then it's dead. Pulse OSC was originally designed for monitoring the link between Qlab and ETC Eos lighting consoles. In a modern theatrical production it is common for lighting to receive OSC from sound in order to fire a certain lighting cue to sync with a sound, this might be a thunderclap, or a beat in some music. the problem is that you sometimes don't know for sure if the OSC link is working and the lighting cue will fire until its to late. Pulse OSC displays a window that is always on top of other applications and goes green is OSC is working and red if it isn't. if you see a red window you know that the lighting cue isn't going to work and you have time to warn the lighting department to manual fire and begin to trouble shoot the issue.

Altho originally designed for links between Qlab and Eos, as both the outgoing and desired incoming messages are user definable, you should be able to use Pulse OSC to monitor any OSC link between devices capable or replying to an OSC ping.

Download Pulse OSC for your Mac using the button bellow and as always if you have any feedback or feature requests then please feel free to contact us and let us know.

If you use Pulse OSC and want to say thanks to Rob for developing it then feel free to send a contribution

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