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The MIDI GO BOX Mk2 is a 6 button MIDI remote intended for the control of sound playback software. Small and simple, the MIDI Go Box mk2 runs in 3 modes, MSC, Program Change Mode on MIDI channel one (PC1), and Program Change Mode on MIDI channel two (PC2)

  • Dual MIDI Output

  • Works with Qlab, Pro Tools, Abelton, and anything else that accepts MIDI

  • Rugged metal enclosure

These 3 modes allows for easy integration with an existing system as well as flexibility of control function. as well as the standard software additional modes are available at request for use with Pro Tools, Ableton, or Digital Performer, just let us know when you check out if you want your box to have an alternative software option. Abelton mode is now user selectable as standard on all new MIDI GO BOXes. To find out how get in touch via the contact page.


MIDI GO BOX manual 

Qlab setup guide 

More Info

The unit allows 2 MIDI destinations (a main and a backup playback machine for example) to be controlled simultaneously and is powered from a USB socket so no need for a "wall wort". 


The USB port does not pass data and is for power only 

There are several commercially available Control boxes for sound playback but none come close to the Mk2 MIDI GO BOX for 'Bang for your buck'. With it's solid and simple aluminium design, flexible 2 mode operation and compact footprint, the MIDI GO BOX is the smart choice for MIDI control.


For more information download the instruction document or drop us a line using the Contact page. 

Need something slightly different? Need to send specific MIDI commands, or send a second command when a button is released? We are more than happy to customise the software in the MIDI GO BOX so suit your needs whatever they may be. Just get in touch before making your purchase and let us know what you want your Little Box to do.

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