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Unlock the full potential of your dual-redundant playback systems with the innovative Switch Box OSC. Say goodbye to command clashes, unreliable behaviors, and the headache of managing main and backup machines. The Switch Box OSC is your ultimate solution for seamless OSC routing.

Reliable Redundancy

The Switch Box OSC ensures a reliable and harmonious coexistence of commands from both the main and backup machines. Here's how it works: Each input source (main and backup) has its unique IP address registered with the Switch Box OSC. When data enters the unit, its origin IP is compared to the registered addresses. Only data originating from the currently selected IP is forwarded to up to 5 outputs, precisely as defined by the Target IPs and ports. No more clashes, just flawless performance.


Switch BOX OSC manual 

Switch BOX OSC Firmware 1.4.5

More Info 


Versatile Control Options

We've designed the Switch Box OSC to be incredibly versatile. Take control with ease using one of these methods:

  • Large Select Buttons: Access essential functions from the front panel with our intuitive large select buttons.

  • GPI Integration: Seamlessly integrate the Switch Box OSC with remote buttons or other GPIO-capable devices.

  • OSC Communication: Command your unit effortlessly using OSC.

  • GPO Outputs: Need to trigger simultaneous events, such as audio signal switching? The Switch Box OSC has you covered.

Powering Options

Choose your preferred power source and enjoy the convenience:

  • USB B Connector: Connect via USB for a simple and reliable 5-volt power source.

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), compliant with IEEE 802.3af-2003: Streamline your setup by powering the unit through PoE, making installation a breeze."

The Switch Box OSC elevates your dual-redundant playback system to a new level of efficiency and precision. No more uncertainties, just straightforward control. Experience OSC routing done right with the Switch Box OSC.

Firmware Update 

to update your firmware use the link above in the resources section to download the updater. Run thus updater utility with Terminal in MacOS with your Switch BOX OSC in setup mode. enter your IP address and hit update.

For more information, download the instruction document, or drop us a line using the contact page.

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