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Chat Box is a cross platform Network chat Application designed for communication between Front of House and Stage Racks during a show, available on Mac and PC. It's Simple and easy to use, Just open Chat Box, choose a user name, and your online chatting with anyone, and everyone else on your LAN network with the application open. There are no IP address or network settings to worry about, Just allow Chat Box to access to your network. 

Chat Box Win Main.JPG

As well as simple text chat Chat Box allows users to send a Call and be informed when, and by whom the Call has been acknowledged. Calls are sent to all users with the Call button or by holding SHIFT when sending a message. At any Point during a conversation in Chat Box any user may ask who is online and receive a full list of connected machines. There is also a panel of 12 User defined Preset Messages. Presets are fired in the main chat window using the Function keys (F1 - F12) and might include any common, or rapidly required message.

Chat Box 1.5 features some functions requested by users including a Clear Screen button and sizable text input box. Clearing the screen can also be done with the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+BACKSPACE. It should be noted that the clear command will also clear the chat log so if you want to save your chat do it before clearing the screen.



Chat Box Mac.png

Chat Box is available below for Free.  Please use the contact page to offer feedback or to request features you might like to be added.



Chat Box 1.5 is tested and stable on windows 7 and windows 10. Other windows systems should run without issues but are not available to me for testing. 

Chat box win presets.JPG

Chat Box 1.1 for Mac is now available to download below. Both the Windows and OSX versions work together seamlessly. Check it out and tell us what you think!

If you use Chat box and want to say thanks to Rob for developing it then feel free to send a contribution

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