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GpiO Box USB

The GpiO BOX USB is a fully user programmable MIDI control system designed for use with remote buttons, Buzzers, Footswitches, or anything that gives a contact closure output.  The GpiO BOX USB can connect to 2 different computers at the same time directly via USB.

  • Dual USB Output

  • Up to 4 Remote inputs via 2 XLR sockets

  • Works with Qlab, SCS, Ableton, Pro Tools and anything else you can control with MIDI

  • 2 Button Illuminated or 4 button non-illuminated modes

  • Available with various button boxes including buttons, buzzers, and footswitches

Just Like its little brother the GpiO BOX MIDI, The GpiO BOX USB allows your Drummer, MD, Actor on stage, Game Show Contestant, or even Audience member, to fire playbacks remotely from up to 1 Kilometre from your playback machine using just simple audio cable.


GpiO BOX USB manual 

Qlab setup guide 

More Info

​Each of the 2 XLR sockets on the front face of the GpiO BOX can connect to up to 2 remote buttons giving a total of up to 4 control inputs. The GpiO BOX can also be used with Illuminated buttons. Each XLR supports 1 Illuminated button that will blink off when pressed.


When shipped the GpiO BOX MIDI will output Program Change commands on channel 1 for each controller input. This should be fine to get you started but programming the box to send custom musical MIDI commands is very simple. All you need to do is select "Learn Mode" on start up (mode switch to centre) and then, with your button boxes or controllers plugged in, press a control and send MIDI in to the GpiO BOX to assign a command to that control. Once learnt the GpiO box will remember your custom command set until it is overwritten or you perform a factory reset. A detailed guide to programming can be found in the User Manual.

Button Box

The GpiO BOX can connect to up to 6 Buttons or Controls in a verity of combinations. These might be Buttons, Buzzers, Foot switches, or even GPIO outputs from other equipment or sensors. Details on wiring up your own button box are shown in the User Manual available on this page. Alternatively you can choose one of our stock button available in the Cables and Accessories section of the website


If you need something different, something specific, we are more than happy to make a Button Box to your specifications. Get in touch via the Contact page and let us know what you need. 

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