The USB GO BOX is a Dual USB MIDI Controller 

With plug and play compatibility on both Mac and PC, a rugged metal case, 2 independent USB connections, and a price tag well under £100, it's the smart way to control your show.


  • Dual USB MIDI Outputs.

  • Works with Qlab, SCS, Ableton, Pro Tools and anything else you can control with MIDI.

  • Fully User Programable "Learn" Mode

  • Plug and Play compatibility on both Mac and PC


The USB GO BOX is a 6 button Midi remote with 2 independent outputs.  The USB GO BOX outputs MIDI data from 2 independent USB sockets allowing 2 machines to be controlled simultaneously. No Drivers are required on either Mac or Windows systems, just plug your box in and USB GO BOX will appear as a MIDI device ready to be patched in whatever software you are using.