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The MIDI THRU BOX is a 1 in 4 out MIDI Thru. The Input takes a MIDI signal, buffers it, and sends it out to the 4 Outputs. MIDI THRU BOXs are useful for all sorts of applications, wherever you need to send the same MIDI signal to multiple locations, for example in a payback rack, or maybe linking multiple synth modules to the same controller. There are loads of MIDI thus on the market but THE MIDI THRU BOX has a trick up its sleeve. 

Powered via a USB port, this Little Box alows you to run the MIDI GO BOX with just a MIDI cable! Just flick the resesed Power Mode switch to the on position and power is sent back down the MIDI input line to run your MIDI GO BOX. Power and MIDI data are sent along the same MIDI cable and your MIDI THRU BOX can then distribute your data to up to 4 locations.  

The USB port does not pass data and is for power only

We do not recommend having the power mode switch in the active position unless you are using it with an unpowered MIDI GO BOX. Although this should not cause any damage it may cause some systems to malfunction.

The MIDI THRU BOX is a handy and reliable MIDI thru for use with any MIDI system. Flick the power mode switch and it becomes an essential add on for any MIDI GO BOX

We don't sell this box anymore. If you need  MIDI thru then get in touch and we can make you one.

MIDI THRU BOX Instructions

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